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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect at my first consultation?
    The first consultation will be getting to know the client by a series of questions, tools administered, in depth consultation of nutrition, lifestyle and suggested herbal protocols. Dr Laura will set up a follow up consultation in thirty days to check on client’s progress which is included in initial consultation fee.
  • Does Dr. Laura see patients in person?
    No. With today’s technology Dr. Laura can service clients in the comfort of their own home. The consultation, zyto scan, iridology reading and follow up consultations will be virtually via zoom. If client is not accessible to zoom a phone consultation will be conducted.
  • Does Dr. Laura accept insurance?
    No. Currently Dr. Laura accepts venmo, paypal and credit card. Payment required at the time of service. If using the Zyto remote scanner a deposit will be required before shipping to address. This information is described further under this service.
  • Are there refunds?
    There are no refunds for service. Dr. Laura is a Naturopathic Doctor that is suggesting natural protocols, guidelines, additional therapies, and a natural approach to wellness within the body. Dr Laura Dennison, ND does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe.
  • What is a Zyto Scan?
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