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What is Estrogenics?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Estrogenics are estrogen mimicking molecules that disrupt health and possibly can make you fat, sick and infertile. How do these molecules effect estrogen receptors? Estrogen made from cholesterol is lipophilic or fat-loving. That means estrogen tends to float on water just like oil will do.

Estrogenics also are fat-loving. That means excess estrogenics will get stored in your fat cells and can create a toxicity level waiting to be released into the blood stream. Estrogenics are fat-loving and are stored in our fat cells. The average human fat cell age is 1.5 years (Jay #). Estrogenics are able to hang-out in your fat, slowly releasing into the body as you burn your fat stores. That is if you burn your fat stores.

Here is what we know: Exposure to Estrogenics has been shown to decrease testosterone, increase fat, depression, certain cancers, affect immune dysfunction, create blood disorders and cause the majority of fertility problems (Jay #).

The Top 10 Estrogenics?

1. Plant Estrogenics- Phytoestrogens act like estrogen. Normal gut bacteria will chew up the excessive estrogenics but what it doesn’t can cause issues. Soy and flax are the top two phytoestrogens.

2. Mycoestrogen- The fungus estrogenic. Zearalenone (ZEA) normally found in mold, will produce estrogenic toxins.

3. Astazine- The herbicide estrogenic. Glyphosate is the most common herbicide toxin (Jay #)

4. Triclosan & Apes- These estrogenics are found in soaps, cleaning products, and lubricants.

5. BP & 4-MBC- Sunscreen estrogenics.

6. Red Numbers 3 & 40- Artificial red food color estrogenics.

7. Parabens- The fragrance estrogenics.

8. Phthalates- Most common estrogenic plastic additive.

9. BPA & BPS (bisphenol A & S)- Main ingredients to make plastic.

10. EE 2 (17 a-ethinylestradiol)- Birth control estrogenics.

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